I’m the artist: What happens when I receive a commission request?

A curator will be in touch with you in regards to the client’s commission request. Once all of the details regarding the commission are approved by both yourself and the buyer, i.e. composition, timeline, pricing, etc., Saatchi Art will collect a 50% deposit from the client. We hold this deposit as you complete the commissioned artwork. In order to ensure the work is in line with the client’s expectations, we typically request that “work-in-progress” images are provided when possible. Once the work is complete and the client approves the final image, we collect the remaining balance plus any additional taxes. We then process the sale and you will receive an order confirmation via email. Once the work is delivered, and the typical 7 day return period* has passed, you will be able to request your 60% commission payout via your sales dashboard.


Please note that returns on commissions are highly unusual, and very much discouraged from the outset.

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