Introducing New Payout Manager


Saatchi Art has partnered with Hyperwallet to offer you fast, convenient, reliable payments using our new Payout Manager. Our new Payout Manager puts you, the artist, in control of how you receive payments.

Here are benefits you'll enjoy with our new Payout Manager: 

  • Payout method options - Choose a convenient way to collect your earnings from a list of different payment methods available to your country.
  • Local currency payout preferences - Collect your funds in the currency that’s convenient for you. 
  • Sleek, intuitive dashboard interface - Easy to view on any device, the dashboard allows you to navigate easily with quick-look funds visibility.
  • Faster payment delivery - Our new payout methods let you access your payments faster than ever before, and integrated payment tracking tools provide you with increased visibility into your funds balance.
  • Reduced expenses and fees - The new Payout Manager enables us to cut many of your fund transfer costs and/or fees, meaning you keep more of your hard-earned money. You’ll also have better visibility of these fees and exactly what will be deducted. If you elect to use PayPal, Saatchi Art will take care of the fees on your behalf.
  • Dedicated customer support - Multilingual phone, email, and chat support is available to answer questions about the Payout Manager, as well as quickly resolve any transaction issues.


If you make a sale, when it comes time to be paid, you’ll be prompted to set up your Hyperwallet account. Be on the look out for this email and take the necessary steps to activate your account. Note that you will only be able to activate your Hyperwallet account through the email they will send to you upon time to request your payment. For activation, you will need to reference your Artist User ID. You will see this on your Sales Dashboard. Please write down this number before you begin your activation steps with Hyperwallet.


Once you’ve activated your account, you’ll be asked to provide an updated tax form. You’ll only have to take these steps once during account activation. 


For US Artists, you’ll be asked to provide a W9 tax form. For everyone outside of the US, you’ll provide a W8BEN. The W9 will be verified instantaneously, while the W8BEN can possibly take up to 48 hours to verify. We appreciate your patience with this. If there are any issues or missing information on your tax form upload, the Hyperwallet team will contact you directly.


Once your account is set up, relax and enjoy easy, fast payment delivery for all your Saatchi Art sales.

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