Current Exhibitors at The Other Art Fair

As a fair exhibitor you will be able to sell your work via The Other Art Fair on Saatchi Art and reach a global international audience of collectors, curators and critics throughout the year – not only during the fair.

You will benefit from Saatchi Art’s curated online series and collections such as ‘Inside the Studio’ and ‘One to Watch’ in which individual artists are introduced to an international audience of art buyers and nearly 1M social media followers. You will also have the opportunity to be handpicked by Saatchi Art’s art advisory team and personally recommended to collectors and designers.

Further benefits to you as an artist can be found here:

If you have not yet established an account with Saatchi Art, we ask that you take the time to do so right now.

Key Points:  

  • Following the ethos of the fair, you are free to edit and curate your own portfolio.
  • There is no sign-up fee or monthly subscription fee.
  • Saatchi Art handles all shipping on your behalf.
  • Saatchi Art takes a 40% commission fee on sales.
  • Further details about selling your work on Saatchi Art can be found here:

Next Steps:

  • Create your Saatchi Art profile by following the instructions here:
  • Your profile will then be linked to The Other Art Fair page (launching in September)
  • We will be in touch with information about the September launch and how to maximize promotion to your profile.
  • Contact if you have any questions.

*If you already have a Saatchi Art profile it will automatically be linked to The Other Art Fair page so please make sure it is up to date.

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