How do I submit an offer?

From the artwork’s detail page, click “Make an Offer” below the Add to Cart button - the offer form page will now open.


Enter your offer price. When doing so, please use your best judgement and be respectful to the artist. Obviously, an offer that is considerably lower than the original price has less chance of being accepted by the artist.


Enter your shipping address and select "See Final Price".


The next page will show you the cost of shipping as well as any tax or duties fees to the top right. You now must enter your credit card information in order to submit your offer. However, your card won’t be charged until the offer has been accepted.


Once you've provided your credit card information, click "Submit Your Offer".


Your offer will be received by a representative in our Support Team who will notify the artist on your behalf. You should receive an answer or counter-offer within 72 hours.


If you have not heard a response in over 72 hours, please send an inquiry to our Support Team regarding your offer. Please be certain to include the name of the artist and the name of the artwork so that we may easily identify the offer in our system. 

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