How do I add multiple images?

Recently, we introduced the ability to add multiple images for one piece of work. We invite you to use this function to share different viewpoints of your work with the Saatchi Art community.


Step 1 Go to your profile and choose one of your artworks. At the top lefthand corner of the large image of your work, there will be a small blue circle with an arrow in it. Underneath, it says Add/Edit Images. Click this button to add multiple images.


Step 2 After clicking Add/Edit Images, a box below your artwork will appear. This box will either allow you to drop files or choose files from your computer to upload.


Step 3 Once you have uploaded your images you will be able to reorder the thumbnails by dragging and dropping, delete unwanted images by pressing the orange “X and edit each of their captions, i.e. stating the viewpoints in which you have photographed the work, different imagery within the work, etc. When finished, click  Submit.


Step 4 — Now that multiple images of the artwork have been submitted, you will see them shown at the top lefthand corner of the main image. 


Step 5 Clicking through these thumbnails, the viewer will be able to see many angles and intricacies in the artwork.



Step 6 To add, edit or delete any of the additional images, simply click the Add/Edit Images button again to have the box appear below your work. You can add additional works, add or change the caption, reorder the works, or click the orange “Xlocated on the top right of the thumbnail to delete it.


The multiple images tool is great for paintings as well! See this fantastic example,



Additional Information


- You can upload up to (5) images in addition to the main image, making (6) in total.

- If you do not upload multiple images, the viewer will not see the Add/Edit Images button when viewing your profile.

- However, if you are the artist, you will always see the Add/Edit Images button in the top lefthand corner of your main image. Note: Artists should sign out of their account so they can see how the page looks to other viewers.

- The images must be 1500 pixels wide, anything smaller will not be accepted.

- All additional images can be captioned. The main image will continue to have the description below.

- Video will not be accepted at this time.

- This tool is not accessible for artists when on a mobile device (iPad, Mobile).


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