How to Promote Your Art from the Saatchi Art Mobile App

The Saatchi Art mobile app for iPhone allows artists to easily manage your profile, upload, and sell art straight from your phone. The app allows you to virtually “hang” art on your own wall using the View in a Room feature. You can save the image you create and easily share it on Facebook, or Twitter, demonstrating for your followers how great your art looks on a wall! Here’s how to use this feature:

-       Firstly, you’ll need the app. It’s free and available for all iPhone users. To download it, go here and follow the steps:

-       Once you’re in the app, click on your name on the bottom right and then select “Artwork” – this will show a list of all the works for sale you have in your portfolio. Select any work and then select “View in a Room.” Now you can virtually place your artwork on any wall or surface, simulating what it will look like for potential collectors.

-       Once you’re satisfied with the placement, press the camera icon at the top to take the photo. You’ll then be given the choice to share the image you took on Facebook, or Twitter, automatically filling it with a caption and information about the artwork.


Offering your followers and fans a visual sensation of how great your art looks on a wall can be an instrumental part of encouraging sales.


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