How do I share from my Saatchi Art portfolio to Facebook?

Saatchi Art makes it even easier to post your artwork to each social media site. Our social share buttons allow you to quickly upload and share works to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest straight from your portfolio. Here’s how:

-       Go to your Saatchi Art portfolio page, where all of your works for sale are. From here, or from the art detail page of your work, or even a collection page, scroll down and a sidebar will appear on the lower left, with icons that represent the different Social Media sites.



-       Click the blue “F” on the art detail page of one of your works. A window that says “Share on Facebook” will pop-up. You can choose to share on either your personal Facebook page, or on the specific page you’ve created for your art. To do so, click the arrow on the left in the box that says “On your own timeline” and select “On a page you manage” from the dropdown. Next you can add in a caption, such as “Check out my new piece of art added!” Then press “Share link” and it will post to your Facebook page.



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