Setting Up Your Artist Social Media Accounts

You may not be familiar with social media websites so we're here to help you get started! Please note that these are other websites that are not affiliated directly with Saatchi Art. These sites can help you to promote your artworks from Saatchi Art onto these channels. Having said that, if you have any complications with these sites, you will need to contact their support centers. Saatchi Art does not have administrative access to these sites - we are simply giving you tips on how to use their tools!



-       To create a Facebook page for your art, you’ll need to have a personal account. If you   don’t yet have one, go to and click “Sign Up.” Here, you’ll enter in personal information – your name, email, a password you create, and your birthday.

-       Once you’ve created a personal account, or if you already have one, click the small arrow in the top right of your homepage and click “Create Page.” 


Here you’ll chose the “Artist, Band, or Public Figure” option. 

Choose artist and enter your name with “Art” or “Artist” on the end (ex: John Doe Artist).

-       The next step is to enter information about yourself as an artist (think bio, statement, etc), along with a profile picture. Set a URL for your page with your full name and Art or Artist (ex:


Lastly, you’ll need to add information about who you’d like to see your page. You can add in geographic locations, an age range, and some interests you feel your potential fans might have. You can either browse categories, or add in your own. If you make abstract art, think about what those who like abstract art might also enjoy.


Now you’ve created a Facebook page specifically for your art! Friends, family, art lovers, and potential buyers will be able to “Like” this page and keep up with your latest works and pieces for sale.



-       Go to and click the button on the right that says “Sign Up.” Similar to Facebook, enter in your full name, email address, and username. If possible and not taken, try and keep your usernames similar across social media platforms – stick with your name + art or artist.

-       After you’ve entered all of this info, click “Sign Up.” You’ll again need to craft a brief bio about yourself and your artwork, add a profile picture of your face, and a cover photo, which is an image that goes at the top of your page.


 -       Now that you’ve made a Twitter profile and filled out your info, you can “Follow” people, such as your friends, media sites you frequent, other artists, and more. By “following” accounts, you’ll be able to see an aggregate of their Tweets in your “feed” where you can easily interact and engage with them.



In addition to Facebook and Twitter, which are great for building and engaging with an audience, Pinterest is a platform that allows you to share many images grouped into different sections, or boards.

-       To create your account, go to and enter your email and a password, then click “Sign Up.” From here, it will prompt you to fill in your name, age, and sex.

-       Now you can begin setting up your Home Feed by choosing 5 categories you’re interested in.



Next it will ask you to install the “Pin it” button– this makes pinning from your computer much easier. Click “Get it Now” and then “Add.”



-       Next step is creating your boards on Pinterest. Pinterest boards can be based around whatever you want; however, it’s best to keep it specific. For example, create a board called “Blue Art” where you can put all works that are blue-hued. To do this, click “Add Board” from your profile page (click on your name in the top right) - name the board (ex: Blue Artworks) and fill in a description that best fits what the board is. Users on Pinterest can now follow your Pinterest boards and see when you add new works, or “Pins,” to them.



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