What are the image file requirements?

Your image must be:

  • A JPEG file
  • At least 1200 pixels x 1500 pixels
  • Less than 50MB

If you're selling prints, here’s a general rule of thumb regarding image size: the dimensions of your JPEG file should be at least the size of the print, multiplied by 150 with a DPI of 150 or:

(Desired print length x 150) x (Desired print width x 150) at 150 DPI

For example, if you want to sell an 8x10 print, the image size should be 1200 pixels (8 x 150) by 1500 pixels (10 x 150) at 150 DPI. If the image size is 600 x 750 (that is, half the required size of 1200 x 1500), it wouldn’t be possible for Saatchi Online to produce a quality 8x10 print.

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