How to Write An Artwork Description? (2023)

Collectors tend to appreciate works more if they know the “story” behind them, so be sure to write informative artwork descriptions in simple English. Great descriptions not only provide useful information (e.g. physical texture, whether hanging hardware is included, quality of materials), but they also answer questions like:

  • What/who inspired the work?
  • What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?
  • Why did you choose the medium, subject matter, style?

It should also include useful details such as:

  • What extra materials were used to create the work
  • What type of surface the was the work created on (i.e. describe its physical texture and level of delicacy)
  • Whether the artwork is framed or unframed, has finished or unfinished edges
  • Recommended hanging/installation procedures
  • Whether hanging/installation hardware is included

NOTE: a description should be written in English, and don't forget to check spelling and grammar.


To edit an artwork description visit Studio or click "Edit" button on Artwork Detail page (under main image.



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