Will my artwork arrive ready to hang?

It is always helpful to review all artwork descriptions listed for any details about a specific artwork and to determine if there will be any special packing method offered.

For further assistance we have listed below commonly used phrases that you may see in an artwork description that can indicate how an artwork might be packaged for shipping, and whether or not the piece will need to be taken to a framer upon arrival or require additional hardware for proper displaying of the work.

  • Mounted artworks – Mounted works do not necessarily mean a piece is ready to hang and typically refers to a work adhered to a ridged flat surface such as wood, a metal, or Plexiglas. These works can however be expect to arrive flat.
  • Stretched – Stretched or stretch canvas refers to a standard canvas painting or drawing which denotes canvas wrapped around a wooden frame otherwise known as Stretcher-bars. These works will arrive flat and are ready to hang. These works may not have a wire or hooks but given the depth can be hung regardless.
  • Large /oversized artworks – very large works may be shipped rolled! Keep in mind that larger work may arrive rolled and this will typically be indicated in the artwork description. It is also far less expensive to shipped oversized works rolled, so many artists automatically choose this method.

Because we are global and have so many artists offering many different types of works, we are often reaching out to our artists to confirm specific descriptions and make inquiries on packaging details.

Should you have any questions regarding an artwork, we are happy to help! Please contact us at, thank you so much for your interest.

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