What qualifies as “adult” content?

Though this isn’t an exhaustive list, Saatchi Art generally considers the following to be indicative of adult content.

  • Photographic/photo-realistic nudity, either full or partial
  • Depiction of sexual acts
  • The use of expletives (i.e. strong language) 

Artists have been depicting the nude form for millennia, and Saatchi Art obviously supports and celebrates the representation of the human body in art.  We will, however, take steps to remove any images that depict or otherwise promote the sexual exploitation of minors (persons under the age of 18). We strongly advise that photographers have their models (especially if posing in the nude) sign release forms indicating that they’re over 18, should the legality of the images come into question. Saatchi Art reserves the right to remove any images that are in violation of laws protecting minors or which may promote illegal actions against minors.
All users are given the option to block/unblock adult content from their view when they are logged on to the site. For instructions on how to block adult content from your personal view, please visit: "How do I block/unblock adult content?"

Our curators decide which works qualify as adult content, however if there is a work you'd like to call to their attention, please contact us at


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