What happens if a collector isn't satisfied with their purchase?

If a collector receives the artwork they've purchased and isn't completely satisfied, they'll have seven days to contact Saatchi Art to make us aware of their intent to return the work for a refund. This is why we have a waiting period of seven days (after a work has been received by the collector) before delivering funds to the artist. If the collector decides to return the work, in most cases, they're required to repackage the work and make arrangements to have it sent back to the artist.

We allow collectors to return a work as long as it's NOT a final sale item (that is, framed/matted open edition prints, limited edition works, and special collection works). We also require that the artwork be sent back in its original packaging and in the same condition as it was received to be eligible for a refund.

Return costs
We examine all returns on a case-by-case basis in order to determine who is responsible for paying all costs (shipping and customs) required to deliver the artwork back to the artist. Generally, if we determine that the artwork was accurately described on our site (in terms of size, materials used, weight, etc.) and the collector is returning it as a result of buyers remorse, then the collector is held responsible for return costs. If the artist provided insufficient/inaccurate information about the work, or if the artwork was damaged as a result of poor packaging, we may hold the artist responsible and deduct funds from the artists' existing account with us. 

Avoid returns! Write detailed and accurate artwork descriptions.
One of the main reasons collectors give for returning works is that they were not made aware of important details about the work within the artwork description. That's why it's extremely important that you write detailed artwork descriptions so that the collector knows exactly what to expect when they receive the work. For help writing artwork descriptions, please see: "How do I write an artwork description?


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