How do I request payout?

After seven (7) days from the date of delivery, your payment will be available. We'll send you an email notification to let you know that your funds are ready for payout. To request payout, please log into your Saatchi Art account and go to your Sales Dashboard.

Before submitting your payout request, please follow the Payout Preparation instructions given in “What do I do to receive payment?

Step 1 – From the Saatchi Art main menu, hover over your name and select Sales Dashboard from the drop down menu.

From your Sales Dashboard page, check your Sales history list to see whether your recent sale is listed as "Completed." If the sale is complete, your funds will be available for payout, and the Request Payout link will be visible. Again, please note that your funds will become available in your Sales Dashboard seven (7) days after the artwork has been delivered to the collector. You will be emailed once your sale status goes to "Completed" and it is time to request your payment.

Step 2 – Click Request Payout to open the Request a Payout form.

Choose your method of payment from the dropdown menu. Your options are:

Payouts are typically fulfilled seven to fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of your request. Checks may take longer to receive depending on the artist’s geographical location.

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