What tax form(s) do Non-U.S. Artists submit?

If you’re a non-U.S. artist, please download and submit a W-8BEN form before requesting payment for a sale and fill it out using the detailed instructions below. Note that it isn't necessary for you to submit a W-8BEN in order to begin selling on the site, as we will only need that information in order to pay you for works sold. If desired, you may wait until you make your first sale before submitting your tax form.

Click here to download a W-8BEN form from the IRS.

How to fill out a W-8BEN form:

Part I - Identification of Beneficial Owner
Line 1 - Please fill in your name
Line 2 - Please fill in your Country of Citizenship
Line 3 - Please fill in your address
Line 4 - If you mailing address is the same as the one you filled in for number 3, please leave blank
Line 5 - Leave blank
Line 6 - Leave blank
Line 7 - Leave blank
Line 8 - Leave blank

Part II - Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits
#9a Please fill in your country of residence (not birthplace)
#10 Leave blank

Part III - Certification
Please sign and date (capacity: individual)


Once your form has been completed, upload your tax form to your Saatchi Art account through this link,

Please note that the tax form will need your hand-written signature. The most simple way of doing this is to print out the form, complete the information by hand, take a photo of the completed form, and upload the photo to your account (link above).

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