How do I receive payout by Check?

About Check Payments
Checks are drawn on a US bank in Los Angeles, California and paid in US dollars.  For banks outside of the United States, please contact your bank as they will most likely charge a foreign check deposit fee and a conversion fee. We advise that all artists contact their bank to confirm the deposit can be made prior to making the request.

Although we expect most checks to arrive within seven (7) days after being sent out to you, delivery time will vary according to destination.

All payments by check are issued via US Postal Service. To ensure that you safely receive your check, you or someone else should be present at your mailing address to regularly collect mail for at least fourteen (14) days from the date your check was sent. 


To receive payment by Check:

Step 1 – (To be completed immediately) If you haven’t already done so, please upload a tax form to us online through your Sales Dashboard page.  Before processing your payout request, we need a fully completed tax form.  We will issue payment towards the full legal name (not artist name) that is listed on the tax form we have in our records.

Once you've received confirmation that your artwork has been shipped out, you'll need to wait for the artwork to be received by the collector before you can request payout. Once the artwork has been successfully accepted by the collector, your sale will be complete, and your funds will become available for payout.

Step 2 –  Your sale should be listed as "Completed" seven (7) days from the date your artwork was shipped out (if the artwork was delivered successfully). To see if your funds are available for payout, go to your Sales Dashboard page and check the list of sales to see whether the funds from your recent sale are listed as "Completed" in the Status column. If your funds are available in your Sales Dashboard, the Request Payout link will be visible (see below).

Click Request Payout to open the Request a Payout form. 

​Step 3 – Enter your shipping and contact information at the top and select Check from the Payment Method dropdown menu. 

Provide your legal name and the address to sent the check to. Click submit.


On the date when your check has been mailed, we will mark your funds as “Sent” and indicate the date in your Sales Dashboard. Until then, the payout status will be "Pending." See below for an example.

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