What does it mean to "follow" someone on Saatchi Art?

If you choose to “follow” someone on Saatchi Art, you are adding that person's activity to your profile page’s private feed. For example, you'll know when they upload new work, follow another user, and favorite new artwork. (For an explanation of the types of activity that will be displayed in your activity feed, as well as the difference between your private and public feed, please see the section “What events are displayed in activity feeds?”).

To follow someone, go to their profile page and mouse over their profile image on the top left of the page to display the Follow link (see below). Click the link and the message will change to "Unfollow." To unfollow that person, simply return to their profile page and click the link again.

Note that if you're following someone, that person will not be able to see your activity unless they choose to follow you in return.

At this time, you won’t receive any email notifications from Saatchi Art when someone new follows you. However, whenever you have a new follower, this news will appear in your profile’s activity feed, and the number of followers displayed beneath your profile image (on your profile page) will increase.  

All Saatchi Art community members are able to follow the activity of all other members. Therefore, you aren’t able to prevent others from following you on Saatchi Art. Those who follow you will receive an email notification when you upload new work and will be updated on some of your activity on Saatchi Art in their profile’s feeds. To see exactly what type of activity will be displayed in your follower’s feeds, please see “What events are displayed in activity feeds?

If for any reason you would like to report another user for fraud, abuse, or harassment, please contact

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