Can a collector reserve my artwork?

Yes. If a collector intends to buy a work but needs more time to complete their purchase, they may request that we reserve that work exclusively for them. The reservation period lasts up to seven (7) days unless we’ve arranged an agreement between you (the artist) and the collector for the work to be reserved for a longer period of time.

Please note that a reserved artwork has not yet been sold. A collector is interested in the work and has agreed to make a final decision within a specified timeframe.

While the artwork is being exclusively held by the collector, we ask that you DO NOT sell the work to another buyer. You must agree to hold this work for that collector for the entire reservation period.

When an artwork is reserved, a “Reserved” banner will appear across the corner of the artwork image on the site.
In the near future, artists will receive an automated email alert when their artwork has been reserved.

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