How do I edit/delete artwork through the app?

Step 1 - From your Artworks screen, select the work you’d like to edit or delete to open its details page.

Step 2 - Scroll down to the links at the bottom. Select Edit. 

Step 3 - Select from the list of editing options (explained below) or delete the artwork from your portfolio.


Below is a description of your editing options:

  • Change Photo - Update the artwork’s photo
  • Edit Thumbnails - Recrop the way your artwork is displayed throughout the site
  • About Your Work - Edit the artwork details
  • Pricing - Edit the price of your artwork
  • Ship from Address - Update the location from where your artwork will ship. This address is used to calculate shipping costs for the buyer.
  • Descriptive Keywords - Edit the artwork’s keywords
  • Delete This Artwork - Remove the artwork from your Saatchi Art portfolio
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