What is my payout percentage for sales?

If you sell an original work, Saatchi Art will receive a 40% commission on the final sale price. If a promotional discount code is offered, the discount will de deducted from the price of the artwork and the usual 60/40 split will then be calculated (see below for details).

For open edition prints, artists are entitled to 60% of the profit on each sale*. Profit is calculated from the final sale price minus the costs of production. For a sale on Limited by Saatchi Art, artists are entitled to 50% of the profit on each sale*. Profit is calculated from the final sale price minus the costs of production.

  Artist Saatchi Art
Originals & Limited Edition Prints  60% of sale price   40% of sale price   
Open Edition Prints* 60% of sale price minus costs of print production 40% of sale price after costs of production
Limited by Saatchi Art 50% of the sale price minus cost of print production 50% of sale price after costs of production
Resale 5% of sale price N/A


About Promotional Discounts

If a discount has been applied to your sale, it's because the collector redeemed a special promotional discount while purchasing your work. On occasion, we offer promotional discounts as an incentive for new and returning collectors to explore the constantly updating selection of artwork on our site. We find that offering promotions from time to time allows artists to gain the attention of collectors previously unaware of their work and a better chance to make future sales. Please know that this will be a relatively rare occurrence.

It's also important to note that during your initial sign up, you agreed to the following condition (included in our official statement of terms and conditions).

Saatchi Art reserves the right to promote and market Original Works of Art and/or Digital Works through the use of sales and/or discounts. The sale or discount amount will apply to the listing price of Original Works of Art and/or Printed Works relating to the Digital Works. After the discount code is deducted from the sales price, our usual commission of 40% will be applied. 

We thank you for your understanding and for being a part of the Saatchi Art community.




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