If I have a payout pending, can I request another?

No, at this time we don’t allow artists to request multiple payouts. If you've requested a payout for an earlier sale which is still "Pending," you must wait for that payout to be "Sent" before you may submit another request. Refer to the sample Sales Dashboard image below.

However, if it's important that you remove your current payout request in order to submit another request for a larger amount, please e-mail us at and we'll assist you. 

If possible, we highly suggest using PayPal to process your payout request.  We have found from past experience that PayPal is the fastest way to send funds to our artists. Additionally, Saatchi Art will incur all PayPal fees for you.  For more information about requesting payment through PayPal, please visit our FAQ "How do I receive payout by PayPal?"

For information on payment by check or bank wire transfer, please refer to one of the following links:
How do I receive payout by check?
How do I receive a Bank Wire Transfer?

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