How do I receive payout by PayPal?

We highly encourage for our artists to select the method of payment to be through PayPal. You must already have a PayPal account before requesting this option. There are no fees applied to PayPal so you will receive the full amount displayed on your dashboard*. There are typically transaction fees and/or currency conversion fees for the other payment methods: check and bank wire transfers.

*There are no fees on the transaction from Saatchi Art to your PayPal account. Keep in mind that PayPal will apply fees when you transfer from PayPal to your bank. This is a PayPal policy. Please contact PayPal for more information their transaction fees.

If you are an artist in Ukraine, note that PayPal may not be an option for you. We've had complications in the past with PayPal Ukraine restricting international payments. Please consult with your PayPal account to confirm that you are able to receive international payments prior to you requesting your payout through your Sales Dashboard.


Step 1 – If you haven’t already done so, please upload a tax form to us online through your Sales Dashboard page.  Before processing your payout request, we need a fully completed tax form.  We will issue payment towards the full legal name (not artist name) that is listed on the tax form we have in our records.

Step 2 – 
Once you've received confirmation that your artwork has been shipped out to the collector, you'll need to wait for the artwork to be received by the collector before you can request payout. Seven (7) days after the artwork has been delivered to your customer, your sale will show "Complete" and you'll be able to request payout. At this time (i.e. BEFORE requesting payout), please verify the following information about your PayPal account:

  • Your PayPal account is active and there are no restrictions placed on your account. If there are restrictions on your account, contact PayPal immediately to address these issues to avoid any delays in receiving payment from Saatchi Art.  
  • Your email address connected to your PayPal account is up to date and free of spelling errors. It should be in the standard email format, for example:

​Step 3 – Your sale should be listed as "Completed" seven (7) days from the date your artwork has been delivered to your customer. To see if your sale is complete and your funds are available for payout, go to your Sales Dashboard page and check the list of sales to see whether the status has changed to "Completed." If so, your funds are available in your Sales Dashboard, and the Request Payout link will be visible. (See below.)

Click Request Payout to open the Request Payout form. 

Step 4 – Enter your contact information at the top. Next, Select PayPal from the Payment Method dropdown menu. 

Step 5 - Provide your PayPal email address in both of the fields. Be certain to review your email for any misspellings. Click submit.



It's very important to note that we only accept PayPal EMAIL addresses. If you send a PayPal URL or Link, your payment will be rejected. Please only provide a PayPal EMAIL ADDRESS. For example,


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