Does Saatchi Art insure artworks for shipping damage?

Saatchi Art insures all shipments for the amount of the artists’ commission for the sold work. For example, if a work is sold for $1000, the artist is entitled to $650 of that sale (i.e. 65% of the total sale amount). If the artwork is damaged during shipping even though the artist properly packaged the work according to our guidelines, Saatchi Art will still pay the $650 owed to that artist.
Should an artwork arrive damaged due to poor packaging procedures, we will deem the shipment non-insurable and Saatchi Art will hold the artist responsible for the damages. We will work with the buyer to have the artwork shipped back for a full refund.*
Once artworks are shipped, the artist must acknowledge that they’ve followed our Packaging Guidelines and/or consulted with us directly if these guidelines didn’t contain instructions specific to their artwork. In most situations, we’ll ask that artists send us photographs of the packed artwork before shipping to help us determine whether or not the packaging is adequate.

To avoid shipping damage, please download and carefully read our complete Packaging Guidelines (which also includes information on the common causes of artwork damage, the proper packing materials, links to additional resources, and more).

*In the cases where the artwork has been severely damaged due to packaging neglect, often carriers will not be willing to transport the damaged goods back to their origin. Saatchi Art holds the right to discard the damaged artwork(s) in those extremely rare cases. Its incredibly important to comply with our Packaging Guidelines to avoid this type of scenario by all means. We appreciate your cooperation with our Packaging Guidelines.

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