How do I create/edit my custom URL?

The unique username you entered while creating your account will automatically be used for your custom URL. For example, if you entered the username “janesmith,” your custom URL will be 
If you haven’t chosen a username/URL yet, do the following. (Note that this can only be done once):

Step 1 – Hover over your name on the right of the top navigation menu and select Account Information (see below). You'll be directed to your Account Information Page

Step 2 – Type in your desired url in the Custom Url field. We highly advise you to create a personalized URL for your Saatchi Art profile that includes your name (or public artist name/pseudonym). That way, your address will be easy to both share and remember, and will be easily searchable on the web.

IMPORTANT: You can only set your username once. After you've done this, the Custom URL field will no longer be visible on your Account Information page. Should you decide to change your URL, you’ll have to send an email to letting us know your current URL and what you’d like to change it to.

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