How do I optimize and promote my Saatchi Art profile?

To improve your profile and increase your exposure, we recommend that you do all of the following.

Maintain a well-organized, well-photographed portfolio with high-resolution images and detailed information about you and your artwork. If you haven't already done so, please read and follow the tips in the FAQ: "How do I become a successful artist on Saatchi Art?"

Increase your exposure and gain new followers by participating in the Saatchi Art community. For example, follow other artists you admire and add work to your favorites. Create and share artwork collections. Enter Saatchi Art’s Showdown competitions. Our Showdown competitions receive millions of votes from all over the world, and the winners receive additional exposure on Saatchi Art.

Become active in the art community at large and share your Saatchi Art profile with those you meet. You can also share your artwork through Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter as well as email directly from your artwork's detail page.

Improve your searchability on Saatchi Art by adding relevant keywords and a detailed description about each work in the artwork’s detail page. The more information you include, the more ways people will be able to find your work using our search box. Also, make sure that your custom URL includes your name (or artist pseudonym). In addition to describing your artwork, keywords help collectors find works that are relevant to their search. This is done by matching collectors’ search terms with the keywords entered in by the artist. For this reason, we require you to enter in at least five keywords when uploading new artwork. Effective keywords describe such elements as: medium, subject, predominant colors, mood, materials, artists who inspired the work, and anything else that is distinctive or recognizable in the artwork.

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