How do I upload artwork using the iPhone app?

Step 1 - Select your name at the bottom right of the screen to enter your profile page, then select Artwork.


Step 2 - Select Upload Art.

Step 3 - Next, you’ll be asked to select a photograph from the existing photos on your iPhone. At this time, users are unable to photograph artwork within the app itself and will have to choose from the photographs from their iPhone albums.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your photo is correctly oriented (that is, right side up) BEFORE you upload it into the Saatchi Art app. At this time, you are NOT able to rotate your photo within the app nor on the Saatchi Art site. If the photo's orientation is incorrect (it is upside-down or sideways) please rotate the photo using your iPhone's built-in photo editing function or your preferred photo editing app.

Step 4 - After selecting the photograph of your artwork, you’ll need to enter the artwork details including title, description, medium, materials, etc. You must fill out ALL of the fields in order to continue uploading your work. When you’re finished entering the information, select Continue.


Step 5 - Next, you’ll be asked whether you own the copyright for the work and if so, whether you’d like to make the artwork available for sale. If you choose to make the artwork available for sale, indicate the sales price and the artwork’s shipping dimensions in the appropriate fields. All information is required.

NOTE: If you indicate that you don’t own the work or that the artwork is unavailable for sale, the price, profit and shipping dimensions fields will no longer be visible.

Step 6When you’re finished entering all the information, select Continue.

Step 7Finally, add at least five descriptive keywords or phrases, each separated by a comma. In addition to describing your artwork, keywords help collectors find works that are relevant to their search. This is done by matching collectors’ search terms with the keywords entered in by the artist. For this reason, we require you to enter in at least five keywords when uploading new artwork.

Step 8 - Your artwork has now been uploaded, but if you’ve chosen to post this artwork for sale, there’s ONE MORE STEP you’ll need to take! In order to get paid for your artwork, should it sell, you must first UPLOAD A PHOTO ID via

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