How do I sell open edition prints?

Please understand that there are two ways to sell prints on Saatchi Art:

  • Upload artwork and make Open Edition prints available in addition to (or instead of) selling the original work. They will be generated, printed, and shipped by Saatchi Art. ​
  • Sell Limited Edition prints which you will print and package yourself before being picked up and delivered by our courier.

For more information on the difference between these two types of prints, please see "What's the difference between limited edition and open edition prints?"

In order to sell Open Edition prints, you must know what digital image file size to upload. Please refer to the following tables: "What Sizes And Prices Can I Offer For Open Edition Prints?"

If you'd like to sell Open Edition prints through Saatchi Art: 

Step 1 - Upload the artwork if you haven't already done so. If the artwork has already been uploaded, hover over the thumbnail image from your profile page and click the Pencil Icon at the top right corner to enter the art details page. 

Step 2 - From the art details page, click the box beside "I want to make this artwork available for prints." Indicate the print types and sizes you'd like to offer for this artwork. (To learn more about the types of open edition prints available, please visit this FAQ.) Use our price adjustment slider (circled below) to select a price for each print and to see what profit you'll make for each print type/size. 

Step 3 - If you've chosen to offer canvas wrap prints, you'll be given the option to choose either a white or black canvas wrap—that is, the color of the sides of the canvas.

Step 4 - If you'd like to adjust how the print will be cropped according to our preset size, you may resize the crop window (see below). Note that doing so may change the print sizes that you may offer for the work.

Step 5 – Click Submit or Submit Changes


If you've sold an open edition print, you'll be emailed to notify you of your sale. No action is needed on your end! All you do is sit back and relax! The print will be shipped from our facilities to your customer directly.

Once it's time for payment, you'll be notified via email with the next steps on how to request your payment. Please note that print production, shipping, and delivery to your customer can average 20-20 days from sale date. 

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