How do I sell limited edition prints?

As the name suggests, you may only make and sell a limited number of prints for the work to qualify as a limited edition. For example, if you decide to sell a limited run of 25 prints, once those 25 prints have sold, that limited edition will no longer be available and you cannot sell any more. The exclusive nature of a limited edition print effectively raises its value and, therefore, its price.
Currently, Saatchi Art offers a printing service for open edition prints only. Though we don't offer a limited edition option at the moment, we're working on providing this service in the future. In the meantime, if you'd like to sell limited edition prints, we require you to supply (and ship) the prints yourself and to indicate in the title of each print that it is “Limited Edition number X [the print number] of X [the total number of prints to be made].” For example: Limited Edition 5 of 25.

To sell limited edition prints on Saatchi Art, do the following:
Step 1 – When you upload your artwork, please check the box under Original Artwork Status - select For Sale. Do NOT check the box next to “I want to make this artwork available for prints."
Step 2 – You must indicate in the title of the work: “Limited Edition number X (the print number) of X (the total number of prints to be made).” For example if the print offered for sale is fifth to be sold out of a total number of 25, enter “Limited Edition number 5 of 25” after the actual title of the artwork.
IMPORTANT: You’ll be in charge of keeping track of the editions sold, indicating the next available edition number in the title:  "ARTWORK TITLE, Limited Edition 2 of 20."
Step 3 – List your artwork under the category of PHOTOGRAPHY or PRINTMAKING.

Be certain to include a thorough Art Description about the type of paper you are using, or any additional details that would be helpful for your collector to read t understand your work.

In the event that your work sells, you would proceed with the sale the same way you would with an original work. That is, once it sells, you'll schedule for a pickup date with our courier and will be responsible for printing and packaging the work. 

Step 4 – Once a print it sold, remember to UPDATE the artwork’s details, changing the edition number in the title to the next available edition for sale (i.e. Limited edition 6 of 20). Under "Original Artwork Status", select "For Sale" and submit your changes. The next edition will now be available to purchase.


When prepared your print, please sign the reverse of the limited edition print and include a certificate of authenticity—a signed document containing the artwork’s details and limited edition number—as you would for an original work. Stop selling once you’ve sold the final print in the edition (i.e. 25 of 25).

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