How Do I Estimate Shipping Weight?

We understand that it's challenging to estimate the shipping weight of artworks that haven't been packaged yet, but there's a way to arrive at a good estimate! 

The "shipping weight" is the approximated weight of the packaged artwork. In order to provide a fairly accurate shipping weight, please factor in the weight of the physical artwork as well as the weight of the additional packaging materials (the box or crate, the tube, the foam board, etc)

Refer to our Packaging Guidelines to figure out what packaging materials you’ll need for your work (e.g. a cardboard box, wooden crate, tube mailer, etc.). For example, according to our guidelines, a 18” x 24” unframed painting must be securely wrapped in bubble wrap (and other protective materials) and placed in a sturdy cardboard box.


If you do not know the exact weight of your materials, please approximate using your best judgement. For larger artworks requiring a wood crate, please see the note below regarding "Oversized Works." 



IMPORTANT: It's important that you follow these directions carefully because if, for any reason, the weight you report in the artwork’s details are FAR BELOW the ACTUAL weight of the parcel to be shipped, Saatchi Art will deduct the shipping cost from your commission per our Terms and Conditions. If at all in doubt, it's best to slightly overestimate your shipping weight to compensate for error. The buyer will only pay for the actual (not the estimated) shipping costs of the package once it is measured and weighed by the courier.

Oversized Works
Note that for larger, oversized artworks that require a wooden crate, please add an additional 30 - 35 lbs (13 - 16 kg) to the physical weight of the artwork to account for the crate. Also, if you require professional crating services, note that these services may cost up to $500.00 USD. We highly suggest that you first research your total crating costs, and then factor these costs in when pricing your artworks

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