How to Use Keywords (2023)

Keywords are an important part of an artwork listing and when done correctly can positively influence your ability to be found both internally, on Saatchi art, and externally, when collectors search for artworks using search engines like Google. 

Effective keywords describe such elements as: subject, predominant colors, mood, style, artists who inspired the work, and anything else that is distinctive or recognizable in the artwork.

Note: Length of keywords is NOT a factor. These words can be one word or two words. The emphasis should be on accuracy and focus placed on the distinctive detail you are highlighting in your artwork.  


Keyword “DOs”:

  • Use keywords specific to your artwork. Keywords should describe your artwork and highlight its unique characteristics. Use them to precisely describe the subject, your unique style, technique, used tools, mediums, or materials. But remember, do not repeat what you already selected from Subject, Materials, Mediums, and Styles dropdowns.
  • Utilize color keywords - Color is high on the list of search terms that collectors use when attempting to locate artworks they love. We encourage the use of color as a keyword and are sure it will be helpful.
  • Set the mood - Use at least one term that reflects a mood. Mood is also high on the list of queries performed by collectors searching for artworks. Mood is a high priority theme as it relates to a collector's purchase intent.
  • Spell check in English - make sure you spell your keywords correctly in English language.


Keyword “DON’Ts”: 

  • Do NOT use keywords that are the same words found in your artwork title, your name or information that is already present through the category, medium, materials, style you input during the upload process.
  • Stuffing keywords - Do NOT stuff your keywords. Keyword stuffing is the process of using keywords that replicate each other i.e figure, figurative, figures etc. OR using keywords that do not apply to your artwork simply because of their general popularity. This is called “keyword stuffing” - a spamming tactic that is old and ineffective. Search engines are smart enough to detect that and ignore those keywords. Not only will search engines rank your listing lower because of this tactic, but also your listing will appear further down the list of artworks on Saatchi art's browse page. 
  • Don’t use the same set of keywords for all similar artworks in your portfolio. This limits your visibility across other searches and causes your artworks to compete with each other while also limiting your reach when attempting to connect with new clients.
  • Do not provide keywords in language other than English. Most of the collectors on Saatchi art search artworks in English. An artwork with non-English keywords and description will be not discoverable!
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