Scheduling Your Handoff (2023)

How to Schedule Shipping for Your Artwork

Once you’ve made a sale, you will receive an email that will announce the sale and you will be provided information about next steps. 

The first action for you to take will be to schedule a date when you expect the work to be packaged and ready to be picked up OR dropped off (your decision!) for shipment. Hand off should usually take place 2-3 days after the collector has purchased the work. It is very important that you schedule a handoff date immediately

Note: This first email we send means the buyer has already paid in full and will be looking for the next update, from you on when the work will be on its way. -- if you do not respond within 24 hours, expect to receive an email and phone call from our Support Team


Step 1 - Click the link provided within your Sales Notification (in the Artist Sales Dashboard or in email). You will be taken to the handoff confirmation page. 

You will first be asked to confirm that the artwork sold is in fact available. You will confirm the artwork by clicking, “Yes, this artwork is available” from the options provided. 

OR, if you select, “No, this artwork is not available” you will be asked to give a reason why in a subsequent page. A Support Specialist may contact you for additional details. 


Step 2 - If your artwork is confirmed available you will next be asked to confirm your preferred method of hand off. Handing off your package to a carrier can be performed by pick up by a carrier OR by dropping off your package at a carrier service center. There is NO charge for either method of hand off you select. 

If you select Pickup

Pickups take place Monday - Friday between the hours of 10am - 5pm local time. You do not personally need to be available for the pickup to be performed BUT we do NOT recommend you leave your package unattended. Someone should be present to hand the package off. 

Saatchi Art cannot take responsibility for any stolen or damaged artworks if they are left unattended on a porch or doorstep. 

Select a date from the available calendar of when you would like your artwork to be picked up. Be sure to check your calendar and to be aware of local holidays which may impact service in your area. 


If you select Drop-off

Dropping your package off is a great way to complete the hand off of your package and to begin the shipping process. When selecting drop-off as your preferred method of hand off you will be required to select a date when you feel the hand off can be performed by. 

It will be up to each individual artist to locate the nearest shipping center that corresponds to the shipping label when deciding to drop a package off. Doing a quick web search should identify all local options easily. 

Step 3 - Now that you have selected your hand off method and date of hand off, you will next be asked to confirm your address. The address you select is required regardless of the method of handoff you select. 

Select the address where you are currently and if your artwork is to be picked up this will be the location where a carrier will be sent. 

IF you are dropping your artwork off for shipment this address will be used in the event your artwork were to be returned by the carrier unexpectedly (unlikely) or used should the client request a return (also rare). Remember this is required information for ALL shipments. 

Step 4 - Click submit once all address information has been entered. 

You are done! Your hand off has been arranged and you are now ready to begin the process of packaging your artwork in preparation for the date you selected hand off to take place. 

Note: Once you have selected your hand off date we will automatically update your client on what to expect. If you encounter any unexpected delays due to production, schedule conflicts or unplanned delays in the packing process there will be an option to adjust your current shipping arrangements.


To update existing hand off arrangements please refer to the article titled, ‘ADJUSTING YOUR HANDOFF’ 

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