Export Process (2023)

Exporting artwork overseas

In some cases an artist’s location may require approval and documentation, in addition to what Saatchi Art provides, to allow your artwork to travel outside of the country of origin and pass through Customs with ease. 

If your country requires additional steps/documentation Saatchi Art will immediately email you to let you know how to proceed. Additionally, your collectors will be made aware of any additional processing time and that this added time is not the fault of the artist. 

Typically, the approval an artist is seeking is given from a cultural institution who certifies that, if you are a living working artist, the artwork sold was created within the last 50-100 years and that the artwork you are shipping is NOT culturally protected by the state and therefore illegible from leaving your country. 

In many cases most steps can be performed online, but in some cases an in person visit or phone calls may be required. 

Costs vary and are typically very manageable. These costs are the responsibility of artists and should be included in the cost of your artwork pricing. 


List of countries with known additional export requirements: 

  • Argentina  
  • Armenia  
  • Brazil
  • Bolivia
  • Bulgaria 
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Greece  
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro
  • Poland 
  • Romania
  • Russia  
  • Serbia  
  • Spain 
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine 
  • UK
  • Venezuela

NOTE: Export requirements often change and change rapidly. Typically, Saatchi Art will be notified of new adjustments at the time your artwork reaches Customs and if there is a hold. In some cases the carrier will contact the artist directly with export information. In these situations, the artist shipping artwork should contact Saatchi Art Support as soon as possible to make us aware and to allow us to research and verify the requirement is applicable to their sale. 

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