Cost of Shipping (2023)

Shipping to your customers

Your customer is responsible for the cost of shipping your artwork and Saatchi Art will be responsible for making all necessary arrangements. That being said, all overhead costs including time or production will be the responsibility of the artist and should be compensated for based on the sale price selected by the seller at the time of upload. 

Artists are responsible for the cost of packaging artworks according to our guidelines and in accordance with the artwork type and method of packing to which it relates. 

Additionally, in some cases, for artists who ship from a location outside of the United States, you may also be responsible for the cost of preparing additional export paperwork that Saatchi Art is not able to provide. For more information about export, refer to the next article in this section. 

Remember your packaging must comply with our thorough Packaging Guidelines so it's best to overestimate the cost of packaging materials and to include this amount during your upload and pricing of your artwork. We want you to still make a healthy profit upon completion of your sale!

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