Upload Your First Artwork (2023)

The artist studio experience should be entirely intuitive, but in case you need some extra guidance, enjoy this article!

Before you begin, be sure your image file meets our requirements for upload. Your image file must be:

  • A JPEG file in RGB color format (not CMYK)
  • At least 1200 pixels x 1500 pixels
  • Less than 50MB

Once you’ve confirmed those details with your image file, you’re ready to begin uploading your art!

Enter into your Artist Studio through the Icon at the top of your navigation. 

Once there, you'll see that you're looking at your Artworks Dashboard. 

Since this is your first upload, you won't see any artworks on your dashboard. You'll be prompted to begin uploading.


From there, you'll see the first step of how to upload your artwork.

You'll be asked to provide your Artwork Title.

Then, you'll upload your Primary Image.

At any time you've completed your section during Studio Upload, feel free to select "Save & Exit". Doing this will make it so that you've created a DRAFT of your artwork, but it is not yet Published to your Artist Profile Page.


Once you see the Green Check Marks, it means you've successfully completed the sections and you may continue through the Upload stages.



On Step 2, you'll be expected to fill out the following information:

Category, Subject, Year

Select from the available categories, collage, Painting, Photography, Digital, Drawing, New Media, Sculpture, Collage, Printmaking, Installation or Video.


Select the subject of your artwork from the drop-down menu that best describes the contents of your artwork. 


Select the year in which your artwork was created. 

Medium, Materials, Styles

Select between 1 and 5 mediums available from the drop down menu. 


Select between 1 and 5 materials available from the drop down menu.


Select between 1 and 5 styles available from the drop down menu. 



Accurate dimensions are very important when listing your artwork. The dimensions listed should accurately describe the physical width, height and depth of your artwork. Double check your dimensions before submitting, paying special attention to your unit of measure (inches or centimeters) which you have selected in your account settings.


NOTE: If your artwork has borders or a base (if sculpture) that impacts the display of an artwork please plan on elaborating further, within the artwork description. 


This will be crucial information for clients when they are planning the display or framing of your artwork. Be sure to include ALL other details that clarify display needs and dimensions.


Keywords & Description

You will be required to select 5 - 12 key words that will be used to allow collectors to find your artwork more easily. It’s best to enter simple, descriptive words that describe the key visual elements of the work, such as color, subject matter, and artistic style etc. 


You may enter or paste a comma separated list of keywords that are distinct and at least 2-character long. We recommend providing keywords in English

Step 2 - Select your Description. Collectors tend to appreciate works more if they know the “story” behind them, so be sure to write informative artwork descriptions. 


Great descriptions not only provide useful information (e.g. physical texture, whether hanging hardware is included, quality of materials), but they also answer questions like:

  • What/who inspired the work?What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?
  • Why did you choose the medium, subject matter, style?
  • What makes your artwork unique in style or in the process of creating your work?



NOTE: If you are uploading works of a similar series or working style some artists find it useful to copy and paste descriptions. This can be helpful, BUT be sure to make changes when necessary to point out unique qualities in your subsequent work uploaded. 


At this point, you've completed Step 2 and you may click "Save & Continue".


Price & Details

The following is Step 3, where it will ask you if you want to sell your artwork. You must have a government ID approved in order to become a seller. If you do not wish to list your artwork for sale, you can simply select "Not For Sale" and proceed to "Save & Continue".


The following step is Step 4, which is where it will be asking if you'd like to offer your artwork as Prints produced by Saatchi Art. You must have a government ID approved in order to become a seller. If you do not wish to list your prints for sale, you can simply select "Not For Sale" and proceed to "Publish" your artwork. 


Once you click on "Publish", you'll be taken to your Artwork Overview page.


From here, you can see everything at a high level what you have just provided as information for your Artwork upload. Also from this page, you can go back into your Uploader to make any edits. Or, you can also return to your Artworks Dashboard.


To create your Artworks for sale or to list Open Edition Prints through Saatchi Art for sale, you'll need to be an approved seller first.

Once you've been approved, you'll have access to more tools during Uploader about the price and shipping expectations of your products.

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