Taxes (2023)

Due to company policy, all artists are required to provide a completed tax form in Hyperwallet to proceed with your payout. While each individuals’ tax status will vary, internationally based artists are NOT required to pay any tax to the US Government for any sale of an original artwork. Once you have made asale and it is time to be paid, you’ll be prompted to set up your Hyperwallet account and supply all information or documents such as a tax form. Saatchi Art will send you an email with the necessary steps to activate your Hyperwallet account. You’ll only be required to activate your account once.

For US Artists, you’ll be asked to provide tax information directly within your Hyperwallet account during activation. For everyone outside of the US, you’ll provide a W8BEN which will be uploaded to your account during activation. A W8-BEN can possibly take up to 48 hours to verify. We appreciate your patience with this. If there are any issues or missing information on your tax form upload, the Hyperwallet team will contact you directly.

NOTE ABOUT BUYERS: All applicable sales tax is collected and paid for by your buyers at the point of sale when applicable and regardless of their location.

During your Hyperwallet account activation, you'll be asked to provide a W8 form. Please note the following advice when filling out that form via Hyperwallet portal:

  • Legal name must match your Photo ID.
  • The address must match the address you provided on the Artist Account page.
  • All mandatory fields must be completed – including name, address (two lines), country of residence and citizenship, date of birth, signature, certification date, and print name of signer.
  • Date of birth and certification date must follow the format MM-DD-YYYY.


Artists residing in the EU and the UK are also required to provide VAT information on the Artist Account page. Please visit this VAT article for more information. 

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