Requesting and Receiving Payouts (2023)

Saatchi Art has partnered with Hyperwallet to offer you fast, convenient and reliable payments using our Payout Manager. Our Payout Manager puts you, the artist, in control of how you receive payments. 

Saatchi Art collects all payment for artworks upfront to be disbursed to artists once an artwork has been safely delivered. Transit times will vary but after seven (7) days from the date of delivery your order will be closed and Saatchi Art will begin processing your payment. 

Preparing your payment takes an additional 4-5 days of processing which will mean that your payment will remain “pending” in your Sales Dashboard up to 12 days after delivery. 

As soon as your payment has been processed Saatchi Art will immediately email you to confirm your funds can be requested. It will be the responsibility of all artists to request their payment via their payout manager once the funds have been made available by Saatchi Art. 

Once it is time to be paid, you’ll be prompted to set up your Hyperwallet account only if this completed sale is the first through Saatchi Art. Activating your new payout manager is easy and to begin you will click your activation link found within your Sales Dashboard. Hyperwallet will email you to provide the necessary steps to activate your account. 

For activation, you will need to reference your Artist User ID. You will see this on your Sales Dashboard. Please write down this number before you begin your activation steps with Hyperwallet.

NOTE: You will only be required to activate your Hyperwallet account one time

For further details on the process to activate your account with Hyperwallet, please visit our detailed FAQ. If you do not have an active payment with Hyperwallet, you do not need to action anything yet.

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