Upload Hero Image (2023)

First, know that your Cover Photo is only applicable to Artist Profiles. You must become an Artist type account before getting access to your Artist Profile page. 

Once you're set up as an Artist account, go to your Artist Profile Page.

There, you'll see a large banner across the top. That is your Cover Photo, also sometimes referred to as a Hero Image.


Select the prompt "Add Cover Photo"

Select the image file you'd like to upload as your Cover Photo.


Remember, the recommended specs for your Cover Photo Image File are:

- 1440 pixels in width
- 260 pixels in height
- 300 dpi resolution
- JPG file type
- sRGB color profile
- No larger than 10MB


Remember to take advantage of this space as it can add a really nice design element to your Artist Profile page. You can use this space to showcase artwork details, photos of your regularly used materials, or snapshots of your studio.


Here are a few creative usages for your Cover Photo:

Artwork Detail (Close Up)



Materials Detail:


Studio Detail:



This space is specific to a banner image, so only certain image files will work best within the designated area. You’ll need an image that’s long in width and short in height to meet the specified dimensions.



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