Seller's Checklist

You've made a sale. Now what? Here’s what to expect:



1. Schedule your courier pick up

Once you’ve made a sale, you will receive an email that will announce the sale of your artwork (congrats!), and will ask for you to schedule a pick up date. This is when the courier will come to take your packaged artwork, usually 2-3 days after the collector has purchased the work. It is very important that you schedule a pickup date immediately -- if you do not respond within 24 hours, you will receive an email and phone call from our Artist Support Team. 


2. Package your artwork and print your shipping labels.

You've scheduled your pickup date? Great. In preparation for your courier’s arrival, you’ll package your artwork in accordance with the Saatchi Art Packing Guidelines.

Two days before the pickup date, you'll receive an email reminder to go to your Sales Dashboard and print your shipping documents. In some cases, the Artist Support Team will directly email your shipping label. 


3. Tracking the delivery

Once your courier arrives for your scheduled pickup, they’ll take your artwork and off it goes to be delivered to the collector. Please be patient! You can watch your own tracking progress on your courier’s site. Simply copy the tracking number from your shipping label and use your specified courier’s website to follow along your tracking. Please note that when shipping internationally, there may be holds during customs inspections. These holds are perfectly normal. Our Support team is in close contact with the collector, providing them with assistance and instructions all along the way until safe delivery.


4. Delivery to the collector

Your artwork will be safely delivered to your customer. Success! In the rare cases that a complication occurs, the Artist Support Team will be in touch as they are following the delivery every step of the way. 


5. Time to get paid!

After 7 days from the date of delivery, you can go to the Sales Dashboard and request a payout!  For more details on what to expect when it comes time to get paid, please visit our article on Artist Payments.

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