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Artists with a Saatchi Art account can use the iPhone App to Upload artwork, Edit artwork details, Share artwork on Facebook, Twitter, and via email, Follow other Artists and Collectors, View up-to-date newsfeeds, Update profile photo and some profile information, Add artwork to Favorites, View Saatchi Art’s latest curated collections. 

Below are instructions on how to:




Step 1 - Select Sign In at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2 - Choose whether you’d like to create an account using: 1) an existing Facebook account or 2) using your email address.

Step 3 - If you select “Login with Facebook,” the app will input your name and email address using the information in your Facebook Account. If you select “Register With Email,” you’ll enter this information in manually.

Step 4 - Fill out the rest of the information (desired password, country, etc.) and hit Register. Congratulations! You’ve created your account and can browse, buy, and upload artwork using your iPhone. If you’d like to make your artwork available for sale on the site, complete step 5 below.

Step 5 - Before you can begin selling work on the site, you’ll have to upload a government-issued photo ID. Sign into your account and upload your ID from your Address and Identification Page. In order to be paid for selling artwork, you’ll also need to fill out the proper tax form(s). For more help on how to get paid, please see the Payments section. While you are on the site, we also highly recommend that you enter a detailed biography and artist statement into your profile, so collectors can know more about you and your work.




Step 1 - Select your name at the bottom right of the screen to enter your profile page, then select Artwork.


Step 2 - Select Upload Art.

Step 3 - Next, you’ll be asked to select a photograph from the existing photos on your iPhone. At this time, users are unable to photograph artwork within the app itself and will have to choose from the photographs from their iPhone albums.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your photo is correctly oriented (that is, right side up) BEFORE you upload it into the Saatchi Art app. At this time, you are NOT able to rotate your photo within the app nor on the Saatchi Art site. If the photo's orientation is incorrect (it is upside-down or sideways) please rotate the photo using your iPhone's built-in photo editing function or your preferred photo editing app.
Step 4 - After selecting the photograph of your artwork, you’ll need to enter the artwork details including title, description, medium, materials, etc. You must fill out ALL of the fields in order to continue uploading your work. When you’re finished entering the information, select Continue.


Step 5 - Next, you’ll be asked whether you own the copyright for the work and if so, whether you’d like to make the artwork available for sale. If you choose to make the artwork available for sale, indicate the sales price and the artwork’s shipping dimensions in the appropriate fields. All information is required. 


NOTE: If you indicate that you don’t own the work or that the artwork is unavailable for sale, the price, profit and shipping dimensions fields will no longer be visible.

Step 6 - When you’re finished entering all the information, select Continue.

Its important to now that if you've made your original artwork for sale, it will not appear available to purchase from your perspective. To other app users, it will appear available to purchase.





Step 1 - From your Artworks screen, select the work you’d like to edit or delete to open its details page.

Step 2 - Scroll down to the links at the bottom. Select Edit. 

Step 3 - Select from the list of editing options (explained below) or delete the artwork from your portfolio.


Below is a description of your editing options:

  • Change Photo - Update the artwork’s photo
  • Edit Thumbnails - Recrop the way your artwork is displayed throughout the site
  • About Your Work - Edit the artwork details
  • Pricing - Edit the price of your artwork
  • Ship from Address - Update the location from where your artwork will ship. This address is used to calculate shipping costs for the buyer.
  • Descriptive Keywords - Edit the artwork’s keywords
  • Delete This Artwork - Remove the artwork from your Saatchi Art portfolio




Step 1 - Select the artwork you’d like to share to open its details page.

Step 2 - Scroll down to see the links at the bottom and select Share Art.

 Step 3 - From here, you may choose to share the artwork on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email.




At the moment, artists are unable to request payment for sold artwork using the Saatchi Art iPhone app. If you’ve sold artwork and would like to request payment, please log in to your account and go to your Sales Dashboard. 

For detailed instructions on how to request payout, please visit our Payments FAQ. 




At this time, you can’t make open edition prints available for sale using the Saatchi Art iPhone App, nor can users purchase open edition prints through the app.

If you’d like to sell open edition prints of your artwork, you’ll have to log in to your account and make prints available through the website. For instructions, please see our Saatchi Art Prints article.




To begin your search, select Browse Art from the bottom menu to enter the Browse screen which will automatically display select works from all art categories.

From here, you can narrow your search by:

  • Entering specific keywords into the Search Box at the top.
  • Selecting Filter to enter the Filters screen which will allow you to narrow works down by category, size, and price.

See below for instructions on how to use the Search Box as well as the search Filters.

Searching For Art/Artists Using the Search Box

Enter your search term(s) into the Search Box at the top of the Browse Screen and hit Search. (If you’re not at the very top of the list, you’ll have to scroll up to the top in order to see the Search Box.) You can enter an artist’s name, the title of a work, the subject matter of the artwork you’d like to purchase, and/or types of art media. The app will search artwork titles, artwork descriptions, and artist names for the search word(s) entered. For example, if you enter “Cat” in the search box, the search results will produce works with “Cat” in the artwork’s title, details, or in the artist’s name (see image below).

If “Cat” is the name (or part of the name) of an artist whose works you’d like to find, select the Artists button (see image below). You’ll see a list of artists whose names contain “Cat.”

Searching for Art Using the Search Filters

Step 1 - Select Browse Art from the bottom menu to enter the Browse screen which will automatically display select works from all art categories. Then, select the Filter button to enter the Filters screen.

Step 2 - Select from the available filter options to narrow your list of displayed artworks. You may filter artwork according to the following three categories:

  • Top section - Art Category (paintings, photography, drawings, etc.)
  • Middle section - Size
  • Bottom section - Price

​At this time, you may only choose one filter from each of these three categories per search.
Step 3 - Select Apply. Your results will be displayed, and the Filter button will now display how many filters have been selected (from 1-3).


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