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Saatchi Art allows you to upload and share your artworks with the world. Using our uploader tool, you can edit your artwork, delete artworks, and upload multiple images of your work. 

Within this article, we'll cover the following topics:




There is no limit to the number of artworks you can upload. We invite you to post and sell as many of your artworks as you’d like! Just so long as your image file size is 1500W X 1200W pixels or larger, and in the color format of RGB, your file will be accepted to upload.

Step 1 – Hover over your name from the main menu and select Upload Art (see below). You’ll be directed to the Upload Art page.

 Or, if you're looking at your profile, select Upload Art in the top right corner, below your name.

Step 2 – Click the Upload Now blue button at top. A pop up of your computer's files will appear. Browse for the image file you’d like to upload. Select that file and it will begin upload onto Saatchi Art.
Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_3.32.51_PM.pngOnce your work has been uploaded, select the blue button on the lower right corner to proceed to the next step.

Next, select the subject of your artwork from the drop-down menu selection.

Next, select the category of your artwork by clicking one of the 9 thumbnail options.

Next, select the year you have created the artwork, if you would like to sell the original artwork, if you would like to sell Open Edition Prints, and if you are the copyright owner of the image. (Note: that you must be the owner of the copyright to proceed with uploading the artwork. For more information on our terms that you agreed to upon creating an account with Saatchi Art, please read here.)

Next, throughout the site, your artwork will be displayed as smaller thumbnails which users can click on to be taken to the full-sized version. If desired, you can adjust the appearance of your artwork's thumbnails by clicking and dragging the image within the specified size windows.  

Also, if for any reason you wish to replace your image file, click "Select different image" to begin again from the start with a new image file. 


Next, provide the mediums, materials, and the style of your artwork. Then, provide at least 5 keywords that relate to you or the artwork. They can any word that is relative to your creative process and/or the artwork itself. Press "enter" after each word.

Next, provide the accurate size of your artwork. Be certain to note your account's preferred measurement (Imperial/IN or Metric/CM). This can be found in your Account Information.

If your work is a flat work on paper, we recommend to provide .1 as the depth.

Next, provide the title of your artwork. If you are selling a Limited Edition Print, you will be prompted to provide the total number of editions your printed series.

The art description needs to be at least 50 characters. Feel free to write as much information as you wish to describe your artwork and your creative process. Please also note how you intend to ship the artwork. Your customers will appreciate your explanation so they know how it will arrive to them!

Next, select the method that you will ship the artwork to your customer. 

Next, provide the total shipping weight of your artwork. We will provide a tip to help guide you.

Note that you must factor in the weight of the artwork itself as well as the weight of the packaging. For larger artworks that need to be packaged into a wood crate, be certain to note the total size for a large wood crate can be up to 50 KG.

Next, provide your pick up location. This is where we will send the courier to come to pick up the packaged artwork.

Next, provide the price of your artwork. IMPORTANT: The cost of packaging is the responsibility of the artist. You must factor in the cost of packaging materials into your artwork price. For more tips on pricing, we offer some methods in our Getting Started article.

We will show you the commission amount you will make on your sale as well as the total price for shipping & handling. Note that the shipping & handling will be factored into the final price as seen by your customer.




Lastly, select SUBMIT

You will then be taken to the Artwork Detail page as it is now within your portfolio.




Step 1 – When looking at your artworks, mouseover the thumbnail of the work you would like to edit and click the Pencil (edit) icon to go to the artwork's edit page.


From the artwork detail page, click the Edit link beneath the artwork's image (within the Manage Your Art section.)

Step 2 – Make your desired edits in the appropriate fields.
Step 3 – Click Save Changes.




Step 1 – Click on the thumbnail of the work you would like to delete.

Step 2 – In the Manage Your Art section below the image, click Delete.

Step 3 – You’ll be given the choice to Cancel your decision to delete the image and edit the artwork details instead. 

If you’re certain you’d like to delete the work from your profile entirely, click Delete My Artwork Anyway.




Recently, we introduced the ability to add multiple images for one piece of work. We invite you to use this function to share different viewpoints of your work with the Saatchi Art community.  You can access this tool through your Artist Studio Artwork Overview page, or during the process of initial upload. This tool is highly recommend for any 3D artworks of any kind!




The multiple images tool is great for paintings as well! See this fantastic example, 

A fews things to note about our Multiple Images Tool -

  • You can upload up to (5) images in addition to the main image, making (6) in total.
  • The images must be 1500 pixels wide, anything smaller will not be accepted.
  • All additional images can be captioned.
  • Video files will not be accepted at this time.




If you’re having problems uploading images, please try the following troubleshooting techniques:

  • Clear cache on your web browser.
  • Temporarily disable your Firewall or Anti-Virus program while uploading images to our site.
  • Scroll to the top of the upload page to see the red error message bar. This displays an explanation of the uploading error which may help you correct the problem.
  • Your image may be too small. Make sure that it is a minimum of 1500 x 1200 pixels. (Note that although you may upload an image of at least 1500 x 1200 pixels, the ability to sell prints through the site is dependent on the pixel size and aspect ratio.
  • Make sure that your image does NOT exceed 50 MB and is in the color format of RGB (not CMYK)


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